On January 25th, we celebrated the groundbreaking of Habitat House #32 in Racine Ridge, our first Habitat Neighborhood.  Racine Ridge currently has a total of 3 completed homes but in the future will be occupied by a total of 14 homes and families.  We are so honored to be a part of such an amazing mission and team!

Critical home repair program added by Habitat for Humanity

By Gayle Page – Staff Writer    Aug 3, 2017

This home had a new roof put on it as part of Habitat’s critical home repair program. – SUBMITTED



“Now we can help nearly every family in Jefferson County,” said Shelia Wiggins, executive director of Jefferson County’s Habitat for Humanity.


Wiggins is excited about a new Habitat program that was implemented in January making it possible to qualify Jefferson County homeowners for a no- interest loan to repair or replace major home structures – including heating and air conditioning, plumbing or electrical systems, or adding accessibility accommodations like wheelchair ramps or other handicap ease of access refurbishments.


The “Critical Home Repair” program will impact the health and safety of families who need it most. Families who earn less than 70 percent of the county median income are eligible to apply for the program. Applicants are qualified through a comprehensive application process that evaluates their need for service, their ability to repay the no-interest loan and their willingness to provide volunteer labor (sweat equity), which is a characteristic in all Habitat for Humanity’s contracts.


“Whether it’s for a new roof, new siding, moving a wall in the house or a new HVAC system, anything that might effect health and safety for home owners,” Wiggins said, enthusiastically. “Habitat will help with these upgrades and rehabs. That’s just awesome!”


To be eligible, the homeowner must live in Jefferson County; the homeowner must own and live in the home with his/her or their name on the title; the property taxes must be paid up-to-date, in full; and household income cannot exceed 70 percent of the county’s median income. Applicants must also pay a $50 application fee.


Habitat for Humanity will respond by letter within 30 days of receiving the application. If approved, the homeowner will be granted a no-interest loan under the same credit requirements as a Tennessee Housing Development Agency loan. They will be obligated to perform eight hours of sweat equity, as well as attending a 90-minute budgeting class.

If the loan is approved, Habitat will send their construction manager out to assess and evaluate the job. He will also be consulting and getting estimate quotes from contractors. Habitat volunteers will help with the needed repairs and rehabilitation, and the home owner should be happy to see the project started and finished to their satisfaction.


“We want to get the word out about this great program,” said Wiggins. To get an application, stop by the Habitat for Humanity Administrative Office at 490 TN-92, Jefferson City, TN 37760 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., or call (865) 471-0069.

We are happy to announce that our 31st home was completed and dedicated on June 28 to the proud homeowners, Deana and Emma!


Very soon we will celebrate the completion of house #31 which will be the third house built to date in our Habitat Neighborhood! We appreciate all the support we received from our wonderful community members to make this happen.  Eleven more houses are planned for Racine Ridge Subdivision in the future.


Construction of Habitat House #31 is underway in the Racine Ridge Neighborhood!  This is such an exciting milestone for our 
Organization.  Racine Ridge will be the future home of a total of 14 Habitat families!   

The infrastructure is now complete in our first Habitat Neighborhood!  This is such a proud accomplishment for our Organization!   Ready for the home building to begin!!  Volunteers are needed.  Please stop by or call the ReStore at (865)471-0069 or (865)471-7749 for information on how to support our amazing mission.